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In Praise of Older Houses 2

The second article looks at a typical older Perth house like this one, below, built in 1961 with double brick walls and a clay tile roof by a project home builder with little consideration of ‘optimal siting’ or ‘design for climate’ principles.

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In Praise of Older Houses 1

It only took a day to demolish a 50-year old house down the street. It was there yesterday morning, a neat but well-worn Californian style bungalow, and it was gone by the evening.

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Baby buses and baby boomers

There is a growing problem in Perth and elsewhere in the Western world, largely ignored to date by planners and politicians, and that is how we deal with the impact of the baby boomer generation.

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Some subdivisions don’t add up

Sometimes It all goes wrong with the sub-division; decisions made at a very early development stage that sentence occupants to a lifetime of living in a dark and cold house or expensive energy bills trying to mitigate the environmental misery.

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